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. You need clean, sharp tools to prepare both the stock and the cactus before grafting. Also when taking cuttings and clones, either leaf, soft or hard wood cuttings, sharp tools give a straight clean cut and prevent bruising the tissue and cells. Clean tools prevent spread of fungus rot and disease. We have been grafting cactus for 10 years and have put together this kit to contain the necassary tools to make this easier and more successfull. CONTENTS **Perspex chopping board approx 4 inches square** **20ml bottle of Surgical Spirit** **3 grafting caps (for holding seedlings on pereskiopsis)** **10 lint free cleaning wipes** **3 razor blades** **1 straight edge razor blade** **1 scalpel handle and 3 blades** **Tweezers** We find different blades are best suited to different cutting tasks. For example cutting tough pereskiopsis & pachanoii, plus trimming the sides of the pachanoii needs a stronger blade. see also GRAFTING TECHNIQUE - Pereskiopsis Cutting seedlings needs a delicate blade and you may prefer the scalpel. We find it best to snap the razor blade in half, it is easier to use, and safer.

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