Venus Fly Trap Plant - Red Traps - Carnivorous PLant


Venus Fly Trap Plant - Red Traps - Carnivorous PLant

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These plants are growing in 8cm wide pots. They are healthy well grown plants. Will be sent in pot with soil, packed very well to protect them. They are fascinating plants. The traps snap shut with lightening speed when touched, trapping insects inside, which are then digested by the plant. The plant should never be allowed to dry out and should only be given rainwater Flies are attracted to these plants by their sweet smelling nectar. When an insect touches the hairs on the trap this triggers the jaws of the trap to close - trapping the insect. The plant then secretes an enzyme which essentially 'dissolves' the insect, so that it can be digested. After a few days, the fly trap will re-open, to await it's next victim. Caring for your Fly Trap Need very bright light, but not direct hot sun. A warm, humid environment, with a constant supply of moisture. The plant should never be allowed to dry out. They are sensitive to chemicals, so only use distilled water or rain water. Do not need fertiliser, the insects provide them with all the nutrients they need. They only need approx 2 – 3 insects per month Their active growing and feeding season is from May through to October. During which time the soil should be kept constantly damp. Temperatures should be kept between 65 and 95 degrees F. During the winter, they require a dormant period of about three months. At this time, much or all of the foliage will die back. Move to an area with a temp of approx 45-50 degrees F, or remove the bulb, spray with fungicide, wrap in damp, live sphagnum moss, place in a plastic bag, and move to a cool area. Potting mixture should consist of a mix 50:50 of moss peat (sphagnum moss) and lime free sand (silicor sand) -not beach sand.

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